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We are your expert outsource partner with that in-house feel.

Our customer experience focused subject matter expertise and technology capabilities reduce manual handling, mitigate risk and deliver profitable operational outcomes.

BPO Consulting with Chandler

Identify pathways for migration to automation and digital transformation with our team of BPO professionals.


We work closely with your team to understand your current state.
Doing a deep dive with your teams is just the start of getting the full picture so we can work out how we can get you in market quickly by removing effort associated costs and points of friction from your existing, legacy operational processes.


We connect the dots and reverse engineer.
Documentation. What documentation? It's quite often there is no supporting specifications available when starting out on your migration journey away from a legacy BPO provider. Our business analysts are adept at reverse engineering and building detailed specifications for clarity, accuracy and fast implementation.


We make a plan of action and get to business.
Our dedicated team of project managers, business analysts and developers work hand in hand to start building out your requirements, deploying test plans and identifying opportunities to keep your inhouse resource effort to a minimum.


We use our CX Platform and BPO capabilities to deliver on our promise.
We have a long history of enabling digital transformation and much success in uplifting your customer experience capabilities. We do this with well tested and established rapid migration processes, coupled with our industry-leading, data-driven composition and automation capabilities.
Our BPO services and CX Platform are built for speed, accuracy and scale.
When it comes to making sure we meet our clients most important deadlines, we have the capability to put the pedal to the metal and scale up to produce some serious output.
Our capacity to produce highly personalised direct mail packs is more than 1.6 million per day.
Our high speed continuous colour printers can produce 5.4 million A4 colour impressions per day.
Our CX Platform can throttle up to send more than a million emails and SMS per hour.
'big thanks to the chandler crew
the results were exceptional'
BPO Essential and Direct Mail Production

Fast, flexible and secure essential and direct mail capabilities with our dedicated BPO production sites.

Essential and Direct Mail Production
With advanced print and insertion technology, robust data reconciliation and validation processes and procedures, Chandler is especially capable when it comes to producing highly personalised and complex essential mail.

Integrated with our market-leading CX Platform, your organisation can acquire a single view of your printed communications in real-time.
  • High-speed continuous and digital cut sheet colour printing
  • Intelligent machine insertion
  • Warehousing, pick and pack fulfilment
  • Return mail processing, data capture and archiving
Automated BCP and DRP failover
Chandler has multiple production sites and has an established BCP and DRP automated failover capability, ensuring our clients with important regulatory and compliance needs are met and your clients receive their communications accurately, on brand and on time.
BPO Digitisation and Archival

Close the loop on your digital transformation with our advanced scanning, indexing and archival solutions.

Scan, index and archive your documents, return mail and physical collateral
Chandler also has a dedicated solution for scanning, archiving, and managing inbound correspondence that can be deployed on site at your organisation and integrated with your core platforms via API.
  • Managed digitisation on-premise at Chandler BPO sites.
  • Deploy scanning technology, processes at your nominated site and integrate our cloud-based CX Platform document archival and retrieval solution into your core systems or make it accessible to approved third-parties.
  • Scanned images can be added directly to our CX Platform archive or returned to our clients as PDFs with associated metadata via SFTP or API. We optimise the file size of PDF's to keep your file storage needs low.
  • We optimise the file size of PDF's to keep your file storage needs low.
  • Secure document destruction facilities are available.