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Leave your PDF forms in the past where they belong.

Too many digital experiences today consist of downloading static PDFs from an email or web portal. It's time to get personal and deliver the dynamic digital experiences that your customers expect.

CX Platform > Receive Overview

Engage your customers, empower your teams, improve data quality and eliminate manual handling and paperwork.

Everything you need to power data collection across your platforms, apps and customer engagement infrastructure.

No Code Form Designer

Empowering anyone on your team, across your organisation to build and deploy, brand friendly, data connected digital forms.

Build digital forms efficiently with our no code form designer
With a feature-rich toolbox full of drag and drop components, building forms is effortless and comprehensive.
  • Deploy digital forms that are responsive and scale to fit any device
  • Build input fields that react to user input with conditional logic
  • Create custom validation rules to qualify data input by your customers
  • Connect your data to enable form pre-population and personalisation
  • Reduce your customers cognitive load and make it effortless pre-population and multi-page forms
Feature-rich toolset allows you to build forms with dynamic content
Reduce cognitive load for your customers and remove perceived effort by breaking up long forms into guided user experiences.
  • Select from more than 22+ pre-built form widgets to speed up development
  • Use the address validation tool to enable customers to verify address details
  • Create your own custom widgets for reuse across your organisation
  • Easily capture signatures from any device
Advanced Workflows

Drive operational efficiency and reduce risk of error with automated workflows, pre-populated forms, notifications and data routing.

Advanced data routing
Create custom actions and send your form data, where and when you need it.
Unlimited actions
Build simple or complex user journeys and data flows at an individual form level.
Workflow automation
Configure workflow processes to allow administrative  users to securely review and approve submissions.
Cross-channel notifications
Leverage the full end-to-end capabilities of the CX Platform to trigger confirmation emails, SMS and print communications to users and administrators.
Publish Your Forms

Deliver an effortless user experience with our flexible, secure and authenticated publishing options.

Share your forms anywhere
Published forms can be distributed to your users across all your digital channels, with flexible and configurable authentication options, enhancing the user experience and protecting your sensitive data.
  • Quickly and easily deploy your published forms to your public website.
  • Leverage single sign on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to connect your forms to your internal and customer facing infrastructure.
  • Send your digital forms via email, SMS and print channels. Use a QR code to drive ease of engagement.
Authenticate your users
Leverage single sign on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to connect your forms to your internal and customer facing infrastructure.
  • Use one time pins (OTP) to identify your users and pre‑populate your forms.
  • Use the Verify add-on to capture and confirm the identity of your customers.
  • Use light authentication coupled with a unique security token (PURL) to enable an accessible and secure data capture experience.
Receive > Integrations

With a dedicated API framework and SSO, digital forms can be readily integrated into your operations, platforms and data infrastructure.

Trigger and send connected, data-driven digital forms
Create custom integrations with your platforms, infrastructure and other third-party applications and trigger digital forms via email, SMS, digital and print channels (QR Code).
Automate your data management workflows
Enable real-time HTTP POST notifications when a form is submitted, and push data to other services or custom scripts.
Single Sign On Authentication (SSO)
Deploy effortless pre-populated digital forms with our out of the box, single sign on integration and deliver a seamless, authenticated user experience.