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With more than $3.5B in consolidation requests, our SM2 platform is a game changer.

Deliver your members the superior digital experience they deserve, to quickly and easily search and combine their superannuation accounts, including lost super with the ATO.

Chandler Supermatch2

Enable your members and member facing teams to search, find and consolidate their super in real-time.

Integrate our Supermatch2 toolset into your digital assets or send proactive push notifications to drive consolidation activity and grow your funds under management.

Brand friendly and configurable
Make the experience your own with configurable branding, styling, images and icons, delivering a consistent and unified message to your customers.
User friendly authentication
With built-in support for single sign on, multi-factor authentication and KYC, our Supermatch2 platform offers a number of compliant means of access.
Enable your teams
Customer facing staff in your call centre or in person can assist members to search and request to consolidate lost and all other super accounts in real time.
Make it accessible
Embed Supermatch2 into your digital assets and customer facing infrastructure such as apps, websites and portals.
Key Features and Benefits

Built with the member experience front and centre, and meet the mandated ATO compliance and regulatory requirements.

Responsive app framework for in-browser viewing on modern devices
Supporting all modern browsers,  members can readily access their personalised digital experience on desktop, tablet and smartphone.
Guided step-by-step experience to engage your members
A focused user experience designed to deliver an informed user experience and make it effortless for your members to search for and find their super (inactive, active and ATO held funds) before initiating their consolidation request.
Supports a variety of deployments
With a number of points of integration and flexible authentication options, our Supermatch 2 solution caters for your varied member engagement and operational needs.
  • Verify the identity of your members with optional, integrated KYC workflow.
  • Integrate with your Member portal, public website, mobile app and other digital assets.
  • Leverage the Administration platform to enable your contact centre and relationship managers to drive consolidation activity in person or over the phone.
  • Reach out to your members and deliver campaigns via SMS, email and print channels.
Administration Platform

Empower your member facing teams to deliver an exceptional, fast and secure consolidation experience.

Administrative access enabling consolidation across your fund
The Administration dashboard provides real-time insight and functionality that enables super funds a greater ability to service call-in members as well as conduct outbound campaigns to initiate roll-ins from members.
  • Contact centre staff can assist members to search and request to consolidate lost and all other super accounts in real time, with as few as 4 clicks.
  • The system supports different user groups with different access privileges. This provides control and flexibility for contact centre environments.
  • Built-in gates provide additional checks and balances that disclaimers have been provided. Contact centre staff cannot proceed without checking certain confirmation boxes.
Full audit trail and performance dashboard
The Administration dashboard provides a log of all activities in an audit trail that is easy for contact staff to review, evaluate and action.

Nominated users also have access to a detailed reporting dashboard, enabling informed decision making with greater access to and transparency of member activity and engagement performance statistics.

Integrate Supermatch2 where your members are, into your apps, website, portals and other digital assets.

Integrate with our RESTful API
Leverage our dedicated Supermatch 2 API to integrate with your in-house core systems and digital infrastructure.

Enable your members ease of access to Supermatch2, using single sign on (SSO) coupled with configurable multi-factor authentication. Authentication can varied depending on the members point of entry, whether that be your app, member portal or public website.
  • Configurable, secure authentication options including single sign on (SSO), 2FA and multi-factor authentication.
  • Build your own custom user interface and use our RESTful API to connect with the ATO and deploy supermatch functionality.
  • Supports token based authentication utilising an API key and IP whitelisting ensuring end-to-end AES 256 encryption.
  • Integrate Chandler's Verify KYC identity management workflow app to capture and verify your customers identity with their drivers licence, passport or other valid credentials to meet ATO compliance requirements.