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Capture insights and drive next best actions in real‑time.

Deliver more targeted, meaningful and relevant content by using captured insights to inform the user experience and next best actions.

Insights Dashboard

Key performance metrics neatly wrapped up in an interactive dashboard.

Broadcast and volume metrics
Filter and drill down into key performance metrics by channel and applications to understand how your communications are performing.
Compare cross-channel performance
Filter channel performance insights for a single campaign or use the built-in search functionality to aggregate a selected range of communications.
Custom search filters
Use custom search filters to understand behaviour at a grouped or segmented customer level.
CX Platform > Insights

Actionable channel performance insights to inform your strategy and optimise your channel delivery.

See how your applications and communications are tracking with our CX Platform performance dashboard.

Performance Analytics

Extensive reporting insights captured for each interaction at an individual customer level.

Cross-channel interactions
Monitor all-important performance metrics at an individual level to optimise your channel delivery and engagement strategy.
Bounce and unsubscribe metrics
Keep tabs on critical delivery components such as bounces and unsubscribes across digital channels.
Insights integration and automation
Gain visibility and ingest captured insights into your core systems, such as a CRM, CDP or ERP reporting by setting up a custom raw data feed.
Add your UTM codes
Keep track of all customer interactions that are bringing you traffic and driving action. Embed UTMs into printed correspondence using QR codes to see how your physical channels are performing.
Next Best Actions

Use captured insights at an individual customer level to guide your customers and trigger the next best action.

Personalise experiences based on customer behaviour
Real-time customer insights are more essential than ever, and we can co-create an advanced program of content delivery based on how your customers interact with your communications and what you know about them from your data.
Deploy digital webapp experiences that adapt in real-time
Setup advanced business rules to drive conditional logic, that allows you to personalise content and channels on the fly based on defined customer interactions as they happen.