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Elevate and transform your transactional statements and communications.

Convert your transactional focused documents into an engaging, insightful and actionable digital experience for your customers.

CX Platform > Interactive Statements

An award winning digital statement framework - transforming static, transactional documents into engaging, insightful and outcomes focused digital experience.

Everything you need to inform, educate and provide a platform for your customers to take action.

Brand friendly and configurable
Make the experience your own with configurable branding, styling, images and icons, delivering a consistent and unified message to your customers.
Next-generation personalisation
Guide your customers to undertake, personalised actions that are most valuable to them and drive actionable outcomes that are meaningful.
Capture engagement insights
Drive action from the statement and collect important engagement indicators such as sentiment and appetite through elegant UX design.
Make it accessible
Embed Interactive statements into your digital assets and customer facing infrastructure such as apps, websites and portals.
Key Features and Benefits

Focus on delivering relevant content and personalised actions without sacrificing your mandated compliance and regulatory needs.

Responsive app framework for in-browser viewing on modern devices
Supporting all modern browsers, customer can readily access their personalised digital experience on desktop, tablet and smartphone.
Personalised, relevant call to actions, interactive charts and more
Modern, focused user experience designed to deliver an informed user experience and make it effortless for customers to complete actions.
  • Real-time behavioural content delivery and notifications based on actions taken and not taken within the Interactive Statement.​
  • Deploy personalised, informative and relevant content (copy and imagery), targeted to the individual based on what you know about them, using key data-driven variables you have available from one or more data sources.
Engagement is the focus, not compliance and regulatory information
Transactional statements are often burdened by compliance and legal requirements that can add complexity and confuse your customers.
  • Interactive statements allow users to drill down into the information that is most important to them.
  • Compliance and regulatory information is delivered using contextual features such as tooltips, accordions and FAQs. This information is important. It just doesn't always need to be front and centre, confusing your users with complex legalese.
User Journeys

Leverage end-to-end intelligent automation, and deliver an accessible, genuine and nurture focused customer experience.

Passwordless authentication with security token (PURL)
Secure and highly accessible digital experience for members with configurable authentication options including downstream 2FA. No passwords to remember.​
  • Light authentication with surname and date of birth
  • Multi-factor authentication, including 2FA SMS
  • Single sign on (SSO) to enable access from your digital apps and portals.
Send and automate cross-channel push notifications
Use the power of the CX Platform send capabilities to send push notifications by email, SMS and print channels before, during and after the customer journey, keeping your customer informed throughout the workflow.
  • Drive and migrate customers with a preference for printed communications to your digital onboarding experience using QR codes with an embedded security token (PURL).
  • Configure and send automated reminders for actions yet to be completed.
  • Send cross-channel confirmation notifications for completed actions and automate in-statement requests for more information.
Integrations options

Integrate and embed Interactive Statements into your apps, website, portals and other digital assets.

Extend the functionality of your customer facing digital assets
Enable your customers access to their personalised, data-driven Interactive Statement with a single click, using SSO and deploy downstream authentication for a gated approach to more sensitive actions.
  • Configurable upfront or downstream secure authentication options including single sign on (SSO), 2FA and multi-factor authentication.
  • Auto-scaling performance to handle millions of concurrent users and high volumes of complex transactional data.
  • Embed Chandler's Verify identity management workflow app to capture and verify your customers identity with their drivers licence, passport or other valid credentials.