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Personalise every interaction and make it meaningful.

Your customers shouldn't feel like they are dealing with different organisations, when they interact through different channels. Unify your content delivery with our CX Platform enabled, advanced personalisation.

Next-Gen Personalisation

Build deeper relationships with your customers and remove friction from the user experience with data‑driven content personalisation.

Work with our team of CX professionals to take your personalisation capabilities to the next level and send highly personalised and relevant communications based on your audiences preferences, behavior, demographics, interests, transactions, and more.

Conditional Data-Driven Content

Leverage what you know about your customers from one or more data sources, to deliver true 1:1 engagement.

Powerful logic engine with if, then, else scenarios for conditional content and variable journeys across email, print and web app channels.
With a wide array of design features and functions, we will work with your team to build print and digital experiences that leverage the full power of what is possible with conditional content capabilities, taking your personalisation to the next level.
  • Personalise channel selection and journeys based on actions taken
  • Generate personalised data-driven text, images, graphics and charts
  • Interactive charts for digital experiences
  • Apply advanced business logic for text and pagination (applies to print)
Transactional data calculations
With full support for high volume transactional data sources, our scalable and advanced composition capabilities allow you to deploy complex and variable data-driven calculations across all channels.
Reactive Content

Connect and unify your data sources to scale the delivery of experiences that are contextually relevant.

Personalised experiences that adapt in real-time
Setup advanced business rules to drive conditional logic, that allows you to personalise content on the fly based on defined customer interactions as they happen.
  • Dynamically apply channel selection and journey routing to optimise engagement based on user behaviour and recorded interactions.
  • Personalise communication look, feel and actions.
Deploy unique, personalised experiences
We help you to integrate data from everywhere so you can deliver more personalised experiences that speak your customers’ language and deliver a compelling and relevant cross-channel experience.
Unify your data and leverage multiple data sources for impact
Use a single data source for your communications or when needed, bring together multiple data sources to enrich and enhance your capability to deliver genuine one to one conversations that drive authentic engagement.
'our security token has delivered
up to 4x the engagement'
Security Token PURL

Make your digital experiences effortlessly accessible with our security token PURL.

Embed a security token to protect sensitive data
Generate and apply security tokens (PURLs)up to your communications to deliver unique, highly personalised experiences across Email, SMS, Print and digital channels to protect sensitive PII data behind a layer of authentication, without making it impossible to access.
  • Configurable security token up to 512 non-asymmetrical characters
  • Use 2 factor authentication (2FA) coupled with token
  • Configurable light authentication using token with surname and date of birth
Passwordless Authentication
The security token is your key to building digital experiences that are readily accessible and have been proven to drive up to 4x the amount of customer action when measured against traditional authenticated experiences where a password is required.