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Transform your customer experience capabilities with our API framework.

Extend the functionality of your existing infrastructure with the advanced capabilities of our CX Platform and generate correspondence direct from your CRM, ERP, Data Warehouse, Call Centre and more.

CX Platform > APIs Overview

Connect your core systems and transform your customer experience capabilities with our dedicated suite of RESTful APIs and Webhooks, enabling digital transformation with velocity.

Integrate your core systems and connected data streams with our CX Platform to reflect the unique, personal, and value-driven relationships you have with your customers. Integrate with virtually any data source, capturing real-time information.

Send APIs with CX Platform

Generate and dispatch emails, SMS and printed letter correspondence direct from your core business systems.

Send singular or batch processed personalised correspondence in real‑time
Increase the efficiency, compliance, and personalisation of compliance focused, transactional and marketing customer communications across email, SMS and print channels.
Send adhoc personalised, single touchpoint correspondence
Trigger singular personalised correspondence across all channels with our intuitive and integrated correspondence generation user interface.
Send unique one-time pin (OTP) notifications
Generate unique codes for multi factor authentication, password resets and verification via email or SMS channels.
Receive APIs with CX Platform

It’s time to leave your PDF forms and manual workflows in the past where they belong, and deliver a dynamic, integrated digital forms experience.

Trigger and send connected, data-driven digital forms
Create custom integrations with your platforms, infrastructure and other third-party applications and trigger forms via email, SMS, digital and print channels (QR Code).
Automate your data management workflows
Enable real-time HTTP POST notifications when a form is submitted, and push data to other services or custom scripts.
Single Sign On Authentication (SSO)
Deploy effortless pre-populated digital forms with our out of the box, single sign on integration and deliver a seamless, authenticated user experience.
Archival and Retrieval with RESTful APIs

Integrate a single view of your customer correspondence into your internal and customer facing platforms with our advanced document archive.

Search and retrieve your customer correspondence
Provide your customers and internal teams with the functionality to securely access real-time customer correspondence across email, SMS, print and digital forms, including status and associated metadata.
  • Allow your customers to access correspondence you have sent them via your digital assets, such as apps and portals.
  • Retrieve the actual correspondence (not a copy) sent to the customer, including rendered HTML or text and attachments.
  • Give your teams confidence when dealing with customers in person, over the phone or chat by allowing them to quickly access what was sent to the customer.
Quickly resend individual documents direct from the archive
Enable your teams to efficiently search for and resend customer correspondence on the fly, all from an intuitive, effortless and integrated user interface.
KYC Verification APIs

Identity verification made easy with our fully-featured KYC, AML/CTF and identity verification solution .

Onboard and identify your customers with ease with our Verification API
Use our connected Verification API to embed a configurable identity verification workflow into your customer facing digital experiences, allowing them to complete the verification request and submit documents for verification quickly and efficiently.
Add identity management capabilities to your internal processes with our dedicated Admin API
Use the Admin API and integrate Chandler Verify into your platforms and processes to check and view customer verification status, create new customers, and generate verification requests on the fly.