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Automate the entire customer journey and engage your audience.

Orchestrate and automate, end to end user journeys with our advanced CX journey capabilities, for lights out customer experience perfection.

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Strike the balance between security, accessibility and engagement with configurable, fit for purpose authenticated journeys.

Chandler UX teams will work with you to build and automate your customers journeys and take the stress out of getting the right information to your audience, at the right time, to the right channel.

Journey Orchestration

From simple journeys to more complex integrations, trigger communications with timed and behavioural touchpoints in real-time.

Deploy automated and intuitive journeys aligned with actions taken
Co-create cross-channel onboarding, retention or reactivation journeys, working hand in hand with our team of developers and UX professionals to deliver relevant, convenient points of engagement and enable a meaningful series of interactions.
Personalise every step
Personalise the communication at every touchpoint of the customer journey. Tailor your communication based on your customers actions, likes, preferences, location and other attributes.
Contingency for failed delivery and next best actions
Specify what you want to happen in the event that your initial message is not delivered due to a bounce or poor quality data.
Next best actions to continue the conversation
Setup scheduled and trigger based events to ensure you can continue a timely and relevant conversation with your customers, while you have them interested.
Send email and SMS in parallel and cut through the noise
Optimise your audience response rates, drive action and deliver an informed user experience by sending email and SMS in tandem to ensure cut through.
CRM and ERP Integration

Integrate CX Platform functionality with your infrastructure and drive digital transformation with velocity.

API integration
Seamlessly integrate our CX Platform from unlimited data sources, and send personalised communications delivered across all channels, direct from your core systems.
Data governance, reconciliation and validation
Automatically transform, enrich, reconcile and protect the integrity of your data and correspondence with our feature-rich data management capabilities.
Workflow automation
Align and automate your CX business processes, with advanced notifications and data connections, removing unnecessary manual handling.
Data-Driven Touchpoints

Automate engagement throughout the lifecycle and make it a continuous conversation.

Timed based touchpoints
Whether it's an initial communication or drip fed campaign to your audience; with our journey orchestration capabilities you can nominate communications to be triggered exactly when you want them to be.
Behavioural touchpoints
Integrate and trigger highly relevant cross-channel communications based on the actions of your audience. You can even personalise the content based on captured insights and actions.
Connect your data and digital assets
With the unique capability to deploy cross-channel experiences, our CX Platform can trigger communication from a variety of data sources and infrastructure in real-time.